CUPSTEC is a Custom Ultimate Profile System Technology service provider - a lightweight content management system (service) - that makes it easier for organizations and institutions distribute information across web properties, vendors, systems of record and desktop or mobile applications.

CUPSTEC solution was developed by few members of our team at Columbia University and it is now licenced through Columbia University. We were working with several heavyweight content management systems from Oracle and Microsoft, static HTML and custom PHP sites, and other off the shelf products and we noticed an enormous built-in overhead with most of the off the shelf systems. We wanted to simplify the process of storing, managing and delivering content.

For over 5 years, CUPSTEC has been accommodating various personnel profile types, including doctors, researchers, students, dentists, nurses, fellows, alumni, employees, members, and other staff segments. Each profile type typically consists of a customizable set of attributes, providing a flexible view when displayed on any web or mobile properties.